May 10, 2021
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2-3 months
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In order to validate the value proposition, an application prototype was initially developed without the involvement of designers. The breadth of the product and its dynamic development quickly resulted in the need to redesign the existing solution and improve its usability. In addition to redesigning the application, there was also a need to create a new website advertising the product. There were many challenges in this project due to the highly educated and demanding target group.


The process kicked off with a meeting with the client to establish the project requirements. The next step was to explore the issue by conducting preliminary research and competition analysis. Then, a UX audit was carried out to detect the product’s problem areas and propose design recommendations. After consulting the client and determining the direction of changes, the wireframes were created. After approval of the mock-ups, mood boards with inspiration for UI were prepared. The next step was to design the visual layer for the application. Finally, the last stage of the work was to create mockups and design for the landing page.


And here we are with a redesign of the web application. By specifying the naming of components and messages in the application, all further development will become easier and more organized. Our UX/UI expert redesigned the structure of the content in each tab. There was a lot of discussion about all functionalities with the client and redesigning unclear areas in the application. By designing a visual style we can show the liveliness of the brand and its professionalism at the same time, meaning the whole app is consistent with the brand. The client was highly satisfied with the result, especially that it was delivered before the deadline, and we were really content with our cooperation.