May 10, 2021
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4-6 months
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Custom Software Development
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Business Services
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Business Software
Ruby on Rails


Old data migration from the system to the new web application proved to be the biggest challenge. It was difficult due to the lack of technical documentation and solutions that are currently out of use. The first version of Signium’s system was created about 25 years ago and updated a few times after that. The transfer of data was essential for the proper functionality of the new web application. Our aim was to migrate the data and make the web application work efficiently. As with any mature product it contained inconsistencies, non-existent references, or “interesting” solutions. Some of them, however, proved to be highly innovative and impressive for those times. The most important thing is that we managed to overcome these challenges!


Together with the Signium team, after the series of workshops, we determined the expectations and needs and specified the functions of the web application. Behind many filtrating options available for employees there is a complex system architecture. After the Signium team approved the colors and mockups of individual screens presented by our UX/UI designer, we started developing the app. We decided to use Ruby on Rails for back-end and VUE.JS for front-end development. We took some time to test the application properly, and our QA specialist paid attention to every detail. The whole process went smoothly as we were always in touch with the client.


Our team is highly satisfied with the results of our cooperation with the client, especially as most of it was remote. The web application was created for internal use, and the end-user has many of the available functions, easily accessible on just a few clicks. We used a limited number of colors while designing the interface so that the product itself helps and doesn’t distract while working. We provided Signium with full technical specifications which will allow us in the future to analyze the application and develop it further. Signium has always been taking care of GDPR compliance, but the new system ensures data security and more effective tracking of consents to the processing of personal data. Now they can conduct searches at top executive and upper management levels even faster!