May 10, 2021
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7-12 months
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Banking & Financial Services

Challenge gave us a task to bring a web application to life. We received a library which was one of the most complex we ever saw. To create something users will understand and use with ease is a complicated task. But to develop an intuitive web application based on blockchain technology, that’s a real challenge! Our aim was to make it as user-friendly as possible. That is why the UX and UI of the product were so crucial. Moreover, we needed to pay attention to consistency with the existing mobile app. Our objective was to select solutions for the effective development of the web app. After we sat down with the client and discussed their vision of the project, we were ready to outline and schedule the creation of the final product.


To develop the front-end of the application we chose the Vue.js framework due to its numerous advantages like versatility, scalability, and blazing-fast performance. Moreover, Vue.js is a very approachable framework so it’s really easy for developers to jump into the code if they are familiar with different frameworks like React. Because it’s based on JavaScript, Vue also allows integrating with the existing applications very easily and can be integrated into any other applications built on JavaScript. Thanks to it, Vue.js is useful for developing web applications from scratch as well as altering the pre-existing applications. This integration is possible because it has components for everything. That is why we’ve chosen it for this project.


Our team has started cooperation with workshops, so we could establish the needs of correctly and assess all the tasks. Later on, when needed we communicated on Slack and consulted the most important aspects of the project. In spite of challenges that came with blockchain technology and the advanced library created by the client, our skilled crew released the product with success and within the determined deadlines. It took us 700 hours and a team of 3 and we were satisfied with the result. What’s more, the client was too! could promote a shared economy and its blockchain-based product with its new web application!