May 10, 2021
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4-6 months
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Mobile Development
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Startups MVP
Programming language
Ruby on Rails


The biggest challenge was to properly configure Google Fit application – it was a big problem for the application to count the steps properly. This was due to the fact that Google Fit is not configured well on their side when it comes to classifying specific activities and often makes mistakes there. In addition, the application is associated with the activity bonus point system and therefore it was crucial that these steps agree 1:1. Only thanks to it, users could gain extra discounts and other extras. The founders of Steppie wanted the app to be well integrated with Google Fit (Android) and Health Kit (iOS) apps. These are the most popular health and fitness app kits in the market and the Steppie App should work as their extension, not instead of them.


We developed the app on Android and iOS and we integrated it with the 2 most popular health tracking mobile apps. For backend development, we used Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS apps were created in their native languages (Kotlin and Swift). What is the most important, besides the proper integration with other applications which track health parameters, was UI and UX design. It needed to be highly user-friendly because the Steppie app should work as an extension that users wanted to download and use frequently. That is why we introduced gamification – 4 levels of ranges for users which encourage them to stay healthy and benefit from what Steppie can offer to the most active. Application layout is easy to navigate, blue hues resonate well with promoting healthy habits.


The new application uses a combination of technology and science to benefit both parties (Insurer and Customer) and it is the greatest uniqueness of Steppie’s solution. The customer gets an insurance policy together with a smart device such as a smartwatch or a mobile app, which allows them to feel the value of the service they have every day. Moreover, thanks to health recommendations and monitoring parameters every day, the insurer takes part in improving the client’s health with the use of gamification elements and rewards. A positive change in lifestyle contributes to the reduction of the probability of civilization diseases, which in terms of the insurer’s long-term business model reduces the costs of insurance activities.