Apr 12, 2024
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Gobalkans.me - Relocation tracker

Gobalkans.me - Relocation tracker

4-6 months
Serbia, Belgrade
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GoBalkans, a forward-looking startup, approached us with a vision to alleviate the complexities faced by individuals looking to emigrate to the Balkans. They saw a need for an integrated digital toolkit that could simplify visa applications and the overall emigration process. Our task was to create a mobile application along with a web platform that would function as both a task tracker and a contact manager for prospective residents, coupled with developing a dynamic landing page and a unique logo to establish GoBalkans' brand identity effectively.


We introduced the GoBalkans app to ease the Balkan emigration journey, featuring an efficient platform that simplifies the relocation and visa process with task management and direct contacts access. The dynamic GoBalkans.me landing page captures interest, guiding users to harness the app's capabilities. Its intuitive interface reduces frustration by assisting users step-by-step through emigration. A distinctive logo and consistent design across the app and website establish a robust brand identity for GoBalkans. Furthermore, it's accessible on iOS and Android, broadening its user reach.


The development and launch of the GoBalkans application have set new benchmarks in the facilitation of the Balkan emigration process. This innovative platform not only streamlines task and contact management for users but also significantly reduces the stress typically associated with such life-changing moves. Through the implementation of a dynamic landing page and a recognizable brand identity, GoBalkans has successfully positioned itself as a leading digital assistant for relocation to the Balkans. Our comprehensive digital solution has fulfilled the client's vision by making the journey to a new life in the Balkans more accessible and manageable for prospective residents.