$100 - $149 / hr
250 - 999
United States, Needham
Within 1 week
#1 in Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Leveraging the capabilities of Python, .NET, C/C++, and NodeJS, our specialists bring strong security, great performance, and innovation to:

- Cybersecurity solutions
- Blockchain-based products and smart contracts development & audits
- AI & ML solutions
- Embedded and Internet of Things solutions
- Driver & kernel development projects
- Operating system management projects (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Andriod, custom OS)
- SaaS development
- Mobile device management (MDM)
- Software reverse engineering
- Cloud-based platforms and solutions
The company has headquarters in the US, Canada, an EU office in Poland, and several development offices in Eastern Europe hosting over 20 R&D and QA teams.

Apriorit takes a client-oriented approach, providing you with the best software development, quality assurance, DevOps, reverse engineering, business analytics, and project management talents to make your dream software a reality.

Why consider Apriorit?

Over the last two decades, Apriorit has become well known for:
- Deep technical & niche expertise
- Mature delivery processes
- Obsession with quality
- Strong focus on cybersecurity
These qualities make 98% of our clients, including several Fortune 500 companies, keep coming back to us with new tasks.

#1 in Blockchain and Cybersecurity

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Location and Contacts

United States, Needham
60 Kendrick St. Suite 201
Poland, Poznań
ul. Gasioriwskich 4B/99

Major clients

Fortune 500 security solution vendors
Fortune 500 virtualization technology vendors
SaaS solution providers
specialized service platforms
cybersecurity products and platforms
data management and cloud computing startups