Sep 19, 2023
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Award-Winning eLearning Platform for K-12 to Manage Academic Operations

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The Client’s idea was to produce several educational materials for elementary school education. The project idea was to create a standard system for the authors of educational content. The system allows teachers and curricula creators to add their materials. It allows teachers to send materials and students to interact with them: learn, pass tests, etc. The Client also wanted to carve out a commercial line of the project by selling access to the database. The business creates a process whereby the company can drive many clients automatically. An essential requirement is the constant availability of the WCAG-compatible high load system. It is vital to have a basement for the development of new materials. It is also crucial that they are interactive.


To satisfy all the needs above, the Aristek Systems team started working on the project by building the structure and architecture of the system, thus making it the basis of the client’s business. After rigorous analysis and research, we identified the main business processes to supply them with relevant technical solutions. Based on our expertise, we`ve designed and implemented more than ten subsystems to cover every specific function, be it orders, installations, etc. The main subsystems are: - Order Management System - Learning Platform for Teachers & Students - District Maintenance - Queues Systems - Dashboards


The result of the project is a system that automates all the business processes, from the creation of materials to the sale of a license. The development also includes a full-stack technical solution that can categorize and group all materials according to the standards of the required districts. Client's Benefits: - Advanced integration process with leaders of educational services in the USA: Canvas, Google Classroom, Clever, etc. - The system user can access various educational materials like learning games and 3D interactive materials. - The user has access to advanced automated systems for users like grading systems, courses assignment, etc. - A bilingual learning system with support for English and Spanish.