Feb 20, 2024
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Corporate Custom LMS for a Top German Automotive Company

Corporate Custom LMS for a Top German Automotive Company

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In today’s business landscape, ongoing training for staff has shifted from being an option to a fundamental necessity for specific industries. This was the case for our client, which recognized the need for a tailored LMS. The primary challenge of the project arose from the fact that all training initiatives for the Client had been traditionally conducted offline, leading to challenges in coordinating educational resources and promptly assessing employee advancements. Furthermore, the new LMS also needed to seamlessly integrate with the client’s internal software, including the corporate chat.


Our dedicated team focused on creating an easily navigable materials repository, a clear course structure, simplified course management, detailed progress tracking, diverse testing programs, and comprehensive reporting. This resulted in the following components of the final solution: - Course Builder with Scheduling Module - Regulation Compliance Module - User Management Subsystem - Content Library - Testing Functionality - Certification Management - Analytics & Reports - Integration Settings


The new LMS meets all client requirements and contributes positively to the company’s business metrics. Key benefits include: - Transparent measurement of corporate educational program success and learner progress; - Automated learning management operations; - Detailed visualization of each employee’s training progress; - A 40% increase in employee productivity due to enhanced knowledge and skills, policy awareness, and on-demand access to learning; - An average 30% reduction in new staff onboarding time, depending on the employee’s position.