Sep 19, 2023
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Digital Content Store for an Educational Technology Company

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The Ed-tech company had an outdated library management system. It wasn’t integrated with other products and had primitive features. Most importantly, their old store put customers off and hindered sales. We needed to fix that. The goal was to improve the design, add new features, and develop a modern store for digital textbooks.


Having gathered all the necessary requirements and assessed the initial product, Aristek Systems undertook the modernization of the existing solution. Consequently, a multi-tenant web application was developed, allowing students to both read and purchase books. Among the capabilities afforded to users are the creation of notes, bookmarks, the ability to download specific pages, and the citation of textbooks.


This product has fortified the Client’s product portfolio, propelling them into a heightened realm of user content interaction. The upgraded product boasts an array of features, encompassing text-to-speech conversion, transcripts for all audio and video content within the books, and the capacity for multi-language translation. After upgrading their digital content store, the EdTech company increased sales, expanded their team, and enhanced their products.With amplified administrative efficiency and positive user feedback, the Client’s partnership with Aristek System is poised for a prolonged and fruitful collaboration. Continued active support for the product’s functionality is underway, and the ongoing collaboration between the client and Aristek extends to other ventures as well.