Sep 18, 2023
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Digital Library Management System

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United Kingdom
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The Client was looking for a vendor to modernize their library management system product by migrating it to updated technologies and enhancing its functionality with new, customized features. Their goal was to transform the system of learning resource lists into a comprehensive solution for students and academics, allowing users to efficiently organize and manage various types of content while gaining valuable insights through analytics to improve performance.


To implement the necessary functionality, Aristek team successfully completed onboarding process and established a close collaboration with Product Owners. This enabled us to promptly influence business decisions and facilitate the rapid development of the product, which encompasses the following features: - Linking students directly to required library holdings - Integrating external resources and webpages into the library catalog - Seamless integration with DCS scanning - Adding videos and interactive materials into educational resources. - Providing detailed user analytics data to measure student engagement and enhance workflows - Simplifying the creation of lists by offering customizable options through the use of free-text tags, notes, and intuitive formatting


The product represents a flexible and dynamic system for all-in-one content management, including analytics dashboards and options for integrating third-party software. It has empowered the company to expand into the international market and achieve remarkable business growth. The enhanced functionality of the product now aligns with a greater number of Request for Proposal (RFP) requirements, resulting in a significant increase in the client base. As a result, the company’s workforce has doubled, and exciting plans are underway for introducing new products tailored to the educational market.