Sep 19, 2023
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HIPAA Compliant Dentist Learning Platform

7-12 months
United States
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The Client aimed to create a learning platform for dental practices that combines person-centered care with innovative software solutions. The platform’s goal is to enhance the efficiency of dental clinics by gathering and processing client feedback and providing recommendations based on the collected data. The Client approached us specifically to work on the analytical part of the platform. The critical point was to meet both built-in industry standards (HIPAA) and best practices to provide detailed dashboards and surveys, guiding the clinics in their customer services.


To satisfy all the needs above, the Aristek Systems team initiated the project by establishing the system’s structure and architecture, laying the foundation for the client’s business. The main parts of the solution are: - Main Dashboard to overview the organization’s activities - Analytics for those seeking visual graphs, systematic data, and specific metrics - Feedback to provide all narrative comments submitted by patients - Survey that contains carefully selected metrics to analyze the practice’s performance and recommend improvements.


As a result of our efforts, we successfully created and launched a functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and seamlessly integrated the system with a third-party platform. The system effectively aggregates patient feedback and presents it in a tailored dashboard accessible to providers, staff, regional managers, and other relevant parties. This custom dashboard highlights successes and identifies areas that require improvement, empowering the organization to make informed decisions and optimize performance.