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Nov 14, 2023
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Okay Call Centre

Okay Call Centre

7-12 months
India, Kolkata
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A sharp increase in Cost Per Lead (CPL) is one of the biggest testing problems faced by the client. Primarily, it was due to a lack of effective targeting of the audience segments and an inability to provide them with the right, lucrative offers to hook them to their services. They also tended to make frequent changes in their ad campaigns to extract better results, which backfired and led to a further increase in CPL. Also, Okay Call Centre's website experienced a significant drop. Some of the main reasons for such a decline were broken redirects and links, outdated keywords, changes in algorithm, lack of speed, and bad quality link penalties, among other issues. Consequently, they experienced a steep fall in the number of leads, overall sales, and hence, the ROI.


Our SEO agency in India executed proven strategies to change the face of Okay Call Centre's digital marketing game. We increased brand awareness with the help of modern, data-driven techniques. We ran fully optimised campaigns, which enabled us to achieve cost-effective leads at the rate of ₹7/lead. Additionally, we employed effective PPC lead generation strategies, and could successfully generate over 1000+ leads per day. Most importantly, the leads were genuine and remarkably contributed to increasing conversions.


As a leading social media marketing agency in India achieved similar staggering results for the client in other industries, such as health insurance sales and rice education course sales. Okay Call Centre is also a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) of reputed telecoms and DTH services like Airtel and Tata Sky. This necessitated the need for the generation of not only numerous but also highly qualified leads. Team Arobit helped the client achieve their targets by executing optimised and pocket-friendly ad campaigns through Google Ads and Facebook while also improving brand exposure with the help of ORM.