Nov 25, 2022
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Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers

Custom Real Estate Listing Software Development for Colliers

7-12 months
United States, Indianapolis, IN
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Real Estate


1. Create a Convenient Way to Promote Listings > Build a property listing website with powerful search and filtering tools. 2. Automatically Generate PDFs > Provide users with the functionality to build visually appealing and branded brochures that can be sent via email and generated within a few clicks. 3. Integrate the Property Listing Platform with Dynamics 365 CRM > Integrate property listings portal with Colliers CRM. 4. Enhance Communication of Brokers with Investors > Let brokers create Deal and Collaboration rooms.


1. Multi-Channel Real Estate Listing Platform. 2. Advanced search and filtering tools. 3. Automatic and regular synchronization with CRM. 4. Powerful report generation tool. 5. Robust and safe deal rooms. 6. Conversion-boosting collaboration rooms. 7. Personalized map search & map view. 8. Effective image management.


1. Real-time accuracy A powerful in-house research tracking system was implemented. It allows clients and brokers to monitor thousands of properties, inventory, availabilities, lease, and sale comps in real-time. 2. Streamlined lead-to-deal process We accelerated and streamlined lead-to-deal process for brokers by building the functionality of collaboration rooms. They allow brokers to collect and store clients’ needs and demands in one place and offer multiple property options depending on prospects’ requirements and preferences. 3. Advanced recruiting abilities Colliers equipped their team with the easy-to-use and access tool to market their listings and collaborate with potential clients.