Nov 25, 2022
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Security model redesign and AWS infrastructure improvement for LMS system

7-12 months
United States, Ponte Vedra, FL
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1. Design & Implement Security Model > The client’s existing platform security model didn’t have user entities. LMS system users experienced multiple challenges in sharing data within the platform due to the scalability limits. 2. AWS Infrastructure Re-Deployment & Redesign > The client had many organizations that required frequent system deployments held on the platform’s side. 3. Single Sign On Implementation > Multiple companies using the LMS system wanted to utilize their own credentials to log in to the system. 4. Setup Monitoring System > The platform had no monitoring tools to track current and potential technical issues and inform the internal client’s team about the existing problems.


1. Multitenancy Architecture Setup >We introduced multitenancy to help the client reduce AWS infrastructure costs and minimize the deployment cycle per each organization. 2. AWS Infrastructure Optimization > We optimized and improved the client’s AWS infrastructure by utilizing AWS Lambdas. 3. Infrastructure Auto-Scaling Implementation > We implemented the auto-scaling approach for the platform to utilize resources efficiently and optimize the bill. 4. Automated Deployment Implementation > we optimized the platform deployment process by implementing automated and deployment pipelines. 5. Transparent Monitoring System Setup > We introduced the monitoring functionality that automatically collects metrics of the system in real-time.


1. 256% ROI Boost > For example, the old approach meant manually deploying 40 clients which took 40 hours * $45 (i.e. an average DevOps rate) = $1800. In contrast, the new model implies auto-deployment of 40 clients periodically = 1 hours * $45 = $45. 2. 40x-Time Infrastructure Costs Savings > Automated deployment pipelines, multitenancy and micro-services architecture, an auto-scaling approach, and the AWS infrastructure as code principle summarily allowed the client to decrease infrastructure costs by 40 times.
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