Sep 21, 2023
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Byrne Electrical Specialists

Byrne Electrical Specialists

2-3 months
United States
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Byrne was frustrated with their aged and limited technology, and they had a vision for a dedicated and exclusive portal for B2B clients. This partner portal needed to operate separately from Byrne’s main website but mirror the user experience. It was important to ensure the smooth interconnection with the third party ERP system and seamless order management flow, as well as stay within the company’s brand guidelines. It would need to be able to support their product complexity and customization as well as part number lookup. They wanted it to feel tailored to their B2B customers who have unique needs like wanting to ship from their own accounts and being able to have a credit line.


The team focused on a “lowercase mvp” approach, a term that was coined by George Fabis, the Director of IT at Byrne. The project had an MVP that would take 12-16 weeks to complete, however, they were able to identify the most important items that were critical to launch and could be implemented in 8 weeks. These were the “lowercase mvp” priorities that would allow for seamless launch. Atwix hit the ground running. Infor SyteLine’s end-to-end ERP solution was implemented in advance of the eCommerce project. At the same time, Atwix worked on Magento theme development (based on Luma theme), keeping its reliability without sacrificing the client’s style guide, displaying our strong in-house design team.


IT transformation is ongoing. For Byrne, once the B2B platform launched, beyond customer satisfaction, employee production and satisfaction continued to improve. Order taking and confirmations, for example, once dependent on manual workflow is now highly automated. This allows the same resources to refocus efforts on outbound sales and marketing campaigns. Results are seen up and down the supply chain.