Sep 21, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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Wyze offers smart home cameras and devices packed with features at a price that is accessible for all. They needed to improve their customers' eCommerce experience. Their goal was to become the world’s “most customer-centric smart home technology company,” and to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry. More products quickly followed: a Wyze smart plug, Wyze home security sensors, Wyze light bulbs, and a Wyze smart lock. Sales skyrocketed. So did their traffic.


Website performance: Atwix was able to prove that its website could handle well over 850 orders a minute and 50,000 visitors an hour - all without any downtime or noticeable performance hits. Mobile: Wyze's mobile app store also runs on Magento / Adobe Commerce Cloud through APIs to create a seamless order experience for both customers and business operations. Warehousing and logistics: Wyze wanted to expand the number of its warehouses. The flexibility of the eCommerce solution supported complex business rules and routing.v


The new Wyze webshop went live the day before the launch of the company’s newest smart gadget, a voice-activated power outlet named the Wyze Plug. The site was humming nicely and on launch day, easily serviced 70,000 visitors. New Relic and Google data showed consistently fast site speeds and pages that loaded without slowed connections or errors. There were no trickle-down payment delays and very few support tickets. Wyze customers were checking out in their thousands, and Wyze cameras and plugs were flying off the digital shelves. And there were no headaches for Potgieter.