May 10, 2022
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The client required a complex system, with mobile components, for efficient drug discovery which needed to comply with strict industry regulations. Using this system, the client wanted to help pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies manage their sample distribution.


We created a highly available cloud solution, integrated with a Drug Ordering Module, for an automated drug ordering process via desktop and mobile devices. This solution grouped millions of patients together, creating a unified channel to negotiate the lowest drug prices possible. We also implemented an intuitive CRM application for sales reps, with full offline support for tablets and synchronized with third-party services.


The developed solution could automatically communicate the drug order to a pharmacy and display messages related to predetermined situations of the user. The client received: - An automated drug ordering system with a simplified order entry process. - Rich integrations with databases for automatic communication and messaging. - Enhanced security at every touchpoint and smooth user workflow. - Accelerated data intelligence for sales processes.