$30 - $49 / hr
50 - 99
Latvia, Riga
Within 2-3 weeks

AXIOMA's mainline – development of Blockchain projects. The company combined perennial experience in development of online services with a deep immersion in the new technology of blockchain. The working process is based on the AGILE/SCRUM methodology.

After a long and successful work on developing of FinTech and Blockchain projects for clients, AXIOMA has created our own product: AXIOMA EXCHANGE, the cryptocurrency exchange software.

Key features: -Launching the exchange a short period -A competitive price -Implementation of any additional functionality requested -Warranty support and regular updates

Blockchain technologies in use:- JSON-RPC API to interact with Bitcoin and its forks. Creation of complex transactions, protection of the project funds by means of multisignature and cold wallet. AXIOMA also has the experience of integration with well-known blockchain service providers.- The original Bitcoin Core client was written in C/C ++, Qt and continues to develop. Many blockchain forks, including those that we have developed, inherit these technologies. We are developing new Proof of Work algorithms, that applied in mining, in C++, using CUDA and OpenCL computational libraries.- Smart contracts for Ethereum and RSK networks using ​​Solidity and Vyper.- Tools: Web3.js and MetaMask very well, that allows developing interactive web applications.

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