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Jan 09, 2024
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Recruitment Automation Solution With Validated Assessments

Recruitment Automation Solution With Validated Assessments

4-6 months
United States
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Software Development
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Their requirement was an end-to-end comprehensive unbiased automated assessment tool as a web and mobile application for performance-based and statistically validated assessments so that they can quickly identify and manage the real talent and hire the most suitable candidate using the right data.


Passed-out candidates will be sent automated emails informing them about a personal round of interviews. If required, the system has the flexibility to arrange a video interview as well before calling the candidate for a personal interview. After the complete automated and validated assessment of desired skills and knowledge, the candidate will be interviewed by the client’s human resources team.


After enough introspective analysis, Azilen decided to build a handy and end user-oriented solution as a candidate web portal along with its mobile app that can enable the client to reach, assess, filter, contact, and hire the most well-suited candidate through any computer or mobile device.