May 11, 2023
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A Dubai based client requested Binaryfolks to develop a portal where corporate employees that completed certification trainings can book exams online to get a complete picture of their understanding of the subject. We were required to automate the refund process whereby, if a candidate appeared and passed an exam, he/she will get a refund and the vendor will get a reimbursement from the corporate house.


BinaryFolks built a portal where corporate employees can register with their company email to search for exams that are relevant to the certification training program they took and register for the exams. The admins can mass import CSV files to the system containing email IDs and names of the candidates, thus pre-approving them of these exams , so that, the candidate can book exams automatically and doesn’t need to wait for the approval. Once, the results are published, they can upload the results to the portal and if they pass the exam, our system refunds the exam fee. We also developed an in-depth analytics tool that helps the admins visualize, monitor and assess the quality of the courses, progress of the candidates and analyze performance for each trainings under each vendor.


Our solution helped customer to overcome all the problems mentioned in the challenge section within a very short span of time. A demo of the solution is available to view here Additional details of this project can be viewed here