May 12, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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The requirement of this Enterprise client based in Greater Boston Area was to develop an interactive discussion platform dedicated to controversial topics. It was paramount for our client to attract more visitors to the website and more importantly, retain those visitors. So, he wanted to develop a forum with lots of people all contributing and adding new posts and replies to generate enough content. At the same time he required strong spam fighting and abuse control features as he was aware of the fact that forums are open target for spammers.


BinaryFolks built an interactive discussion platform which is a combination of Wikipedia and the opinion page of Wall Street Journal. This platform lets users form constructive views supported by facts. Users take their time to research and consider their comments before replying and this makes for mostly high-quality discussion. Also, it allows for robust traffic volumes since people often return to the site on a regular basis to catch up on what's happening. It has a very intuitive structure and very rich editing interface. The commenting and version control features are really strong and sophisticated. It also has very neat notification, spam fighting and abuse control features. We also integrated adaptive payment feature with this application.


Our solution helped customer to overcome all the problems mentioned in the challenge section within a very short span of time. A demo of the solution is available to view here Additional details of this project can be viewed here