May 12, 2023
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4-6 months
United States
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A Denver based enterprise client was dealing with multiple marketplaces, multiple vendors and multiple warehouses as part of his dropshipping business and wanted to build a custom versatile software that manages all those in an automated and efficient manner. So, we were required to build a centralized inventory management software to manage all of his orders, inventory, shipping, with the help of an easy to use Dashboard. This software required to manage complete Amazon inventory, manage all Amazon orders, interface with different warehouses to fulfill those orders, carry out competitive analysis of existing products comparing with other sellers and run automated repricing logic


BinaryFolks developed an automated software that collects product and pricing information from Amazon and other ecommerce sites along with available quantity and cost from different fulfillment channels like, Hublogix etc. Also, the system is fetching inventory status from different warehouses. To monitor the status of the inventories, we provided a dashboard where all the inventory details like minimum & maximum selling price, quantity, amazon status (like processed or not) can be seen at a glance. The software also reprices the products based on various user defined business logic. The products are then published to different ecommerce channels like Amazon, Ebay etc. This software also updates shipping and tracking info back to amazon and run different discount and promotional campaign.


Our solution helped customer to overcome all the problems mentioned in the challenge section within a very short span of time. A demo of the solution is available to view here Additional details of this project can be viewed here