May 12, 2023
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7-12 months
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The client (Melbourne based startup company) was in the need of a collaboration platform for home renovation and new home market for both builders, property developers and designers as well as their clients. His aim was to improve the process of handing over a renovated or newly built property from builders to their clients by taking the whole process online. A centralized dashboard for home maintenance, task and budget management and file storage was the main requirement. He also wanted a hierarchical permission access control so that permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific users and data security is ensured.


This multi user content and collaboration platform creates a visual presentation and highlight the key functionalities of the application at a glance with the help of a customised dashboard. Users can upload bulk files and then simply drag and drop the files to the respective toolkits. The main idea behind this whole platform was to make it easy for people to find all the required resources for home management under one roof.To manage large builder’s project with lots of identical units one can use the replication feature to make the process more efficient.


Our solution helped customer to overcome all the problems mentioned in the challenge section within a very short span of time. A demo of the solution is available to view here Additional details of this project can be viewed here