May 12, 2023
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4-6 months
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The client’s ( Vietnam focused shipping company ) objective for building this Shipping management application was to facilitate end-to-end process automation for his logistics company to improve quality, accuracy and precision. Having access to real time freight data and the ability to run reports, he can make better business decisions based on trends and history. Also, he wanted the customer to be empowered to know exactly how much the freight will cost and when the freight will arrive through automatic notifications. One of the main requirements of the client was to keep the aesthetics of the website very minimalistic.


BinaryFolks built a multi-lingual shipping management application with corresponding backend functionality to enhance Customer experience and provide sophisticated functionalities like inventory management, automated transportation cost calculation, shipping cost payment, order management, invoice generation and order tracking. Based on package dimension and weight, the shipping charges are calculated in real time. Also there is the provision to provide the users with some special services, like package delivery email confirmation or insurance etc. Reports are automatically built at the backend and can be exported as CSV or pdf. To honor the minimalist approach, some of the longer input forms are partially collapsed and only unfolds automatically when in use.


Our solution helped customer to overcome all the problems mentioned in the challenge section within a very short span of time. A demo of the solution is available to view here Additional details of this project can be viewed here