Apr 21, 2023
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As an international business crowdfunding organization, Profitus has established itself as a premier destination for crowdfunded business loans, particularly in the realm of real estate development. With a rapidly growing base of private investors and businesses, the company required greater security, improved user experience, and modern, cloud-based technology at a lower cost of ownership. Facing significant technical product debt the legacy system had to go. In order to meet escalating demands and maintain its reputation, the company needed a scalable and experienced partner to quickly tackle its mounting technical debt. Our challenge was to analyze the ins and outs of the business and deliver best possible value for their needs.


Firstly, Bitcat created a scalable delivery framework. This framework enabled the team to have a broad overview of the delivery process and roadmap, while also allowing for regular stand-ups and updates. While some features and timing were determined within this framework, it did not hinder the overall development process and was able to seamlessly integrate any changes. The framework also included best practices for metrics, source code scanning, continuous integration/continuous delivery, automated testing, and a serverless approach to self-provisioning.


The end result is a beautiful SPA rich with custom features such as: Referral program, Extensive data tracking and reporting, Autoinvestment, File management subsystem, Secondary marketplace coupled with another custom made SPA internal back-office management system and a custom made landing page.
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