Sep 01, 2023
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E-Learning – Online Learning Platform for Students!

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Most of the existing eLearning solutions encountered certain technical limitations like a cluttered/complex UI, performance woes, and scaling issues. Also, several platforms lacked essential prerequisites of digital learning such as advanced video streaming facilities for conducting classes, multi-user chat features that help learners clarify their doubts, community interaction between learners, and personalization based on the specific requirements of each learner.


A fully secured payment system. Integration with Google and Facebook. Offline and Online mode. Calendar Integration. Notifications to learners via personalized push notifications in real-time. Back-end auto-scaling based on traffic/usage. Open standard authorization (OAUTH) for social media integration. Analytics of Tests, RSS Feed News. Appointment scheduling with educators. Private messaging.


Biz4Solutions helped several clients across the globe to build customized eLearning apps/solutions equipped with smart online learning tools & techniques. The mobile app developers at Biz4Solutions design solutions that adhere to world-class standards, have an easy-going & clutter-free UI, and deliver a rich UX. Our solutions provide virtual classrooms with an in-built chat feature, advanced high-quality video streaming, progress tracking, community discussion forums, and a secure environment for publishing content.