Dec 21, 2023
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Money On Autopilot with OCR

Money On Autopilot with OCR

2-3 months
United States, sheridan
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A Digital agency came to us, this agency used to sell images of marathon runners to them after the race. The problem was when the race ended the runners wanted to get their hands on the images captured so they can save them as a memento or post them on social media to share their achievement. But the photographers in the agency had to sort through thousands of images before they can send them to the runners. This was a laborious process that took forever and resulted in the loss of potential customers and business. The agency wanted to get rid of the manual labor and automate this and they knew it required AI so they came to us.


We designed an OCR pipeline and a sorting logic and we were able to create a system that takes an entire folder of images (even from different cameras) as input, and creates a database of each individual runner for a quick search and retrieval. This means that as soon as the event ends, players can ask for their images, we can locate them (using bib number) and send them an entire folder consisting of just their images right away, without having to do any manual work. The End result was that with this automation the agency achieved more business and it also reduced significant human labor. We can even go one step further and apply photoshop filters to create some cool effects on the image and apply cinematic effects


Our innovative image recognition technology for marathons solved the challenge of sorting through tens of thousands of photos to track down snapshots of each runner. By using advanced algorithms to recognize and categorize images, the system made it easy for runners to find and purchase their race photos. The project demonstrated the potential of technology to enhance the experience of participating in public events and highlighted the importance of providing personalized mementos to participants. The technology could be applied to other large-scale events, such as concerts and festivals, to improve the experience for attendees and provide them with lasting memories.
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Money On Autopilot with OCR
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Money On Autopilot with OCR