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Based in Dublin, Belgrade, Antwerp, and Nijmegen, they develop blockchain solutions for tech start-ups, SMEs and enterprises. With their 17 years of experience in software development and business consulting, and unlike their competitors, Blackchain Reactor offers wing-to-wing support from idea to development to implementation. Your search for your perfect blockchain partner is officially over.

Blockchain technology allows you to speed up any payment and transfer of financial assets. The technology revolutionized the process of making payments and remittances. Thanks to a fast and secure transaction processing method, payments are made immediately with minimal cost. Protection against unauthorized access ensures that security and confidential information is safely stored in each of the blocks in a chain.

Experts believe that soon unmanned vehicles and drones will use block chains to pay for services such as charging stations and landing sites. International money transfers, which previously had to wait for days, will be reduced in time to hours and then minutes, providing a higher level of reliability.

These and other changes will lead to a widespread reduction in transaction costs. When the price for operations falls below a certain level, there will be a sudden, unpredictable aggregation and disaggregation of existing business models. For example, auctions earlier were held locally, rather for a narrow circle than on a global scale, as it is now happening on sites like eBay. As costs dropped, unexpected changes occurred in the system. Blockchain is expected to launch such cascades no fewer than electronic commerce in the late 1990s.

Blockchain technology is maturing, and more and more companies are switching to this form of cooperation. It will expand in all areas: from supply chains to really honest online dating. And considering how strongly it can develop in 10 years, the future is likely to come much earlier than we think.

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