Aug 23, 2023
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AdStaker - Stake, Click & Earn

AdStaker - Stake, Click & Earn

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Adstaker is a PTC (Pay-to-Click) portal. It is a unique built-from-scratch and one-of-a-kind stake-to-earn-advertising platform (STEAP) that promotes NFT sales, crypto affiliate offers investments, biz-ops, MLM, and more. The client wanted to create a portal that attracts people interested in making money online by clicking on advertisements, a platform where website visitors can earn by watching ads. The client also requested to create a system with an escrow mechanism, IP tracking for clients, Google Captcha, and ad validation to stop automated programs from generating traffic. To do this, we had obstacles that included guaranteeing real-time users and obtaining organic traffic in order to reduce the use of bots. Furthermore, the client wanted full control over portal processes.


We suggested a client-controlled centralized system with an escrow mechanism instead of a smart contract for process control. To prevent automated traffic, we employed IP tracking to cancel views from specific shifting IPs. Additionally, we integrated Google Captcha, ad validation, and Cloudflare firewalls to deter bots and ensure genuine interactions with the interface. - Features ADSTKR Token: Tradable on Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap, users can stake for payments. Advertisers Benefit: Reliable traffic, ad placement, token payments, and dashboards. Viewers Benefit: Limited ad dashboard, staking rewards, referral incentives, and token-based rewards.


We developed a platform in which traffic originates from real people, not robots, and this model will involve human interaction only. Furthermore, viewers and advertisers can use it to get rewards and an additional offering of affiliate bonuses. There is a feature for adding any user using a referral ID as well as the primary referrer which provides a maximum of three referral levels.