Aug 23, 2023
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Futbala - NFT Marketplace

Futbala - NFT Marketplace

7-12 months
United States
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- Project Overview Futbala is a next-generation fantasy football manager game, where football players are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It is the first and most comprehensive football metaverse using the most cutting-edge blockchain technologies. - Requirement The client requested to create a play-to-earn game with real-world rewards using blockchain technology for NFTs and in-game items. To manage user influx, they designed a controlled entry price economic structure. They established a transparent, secure, low-fee Blockchain network, deployed smart contracts for accessory-based NFTs, and introduced governance tokens. The game includes its marketplace, supports multiple wallets (Metamask, Fortmatic), and offers various features for players and collectors.


Creating a next-gen play-to-earn game, we assessed client needs and opted for Polygon Blockchain for security, transparency, and low fees. Smart contracts included ERC721 for user-minted NFTs and ER1155 for admin-minted accessories NFTs. A reliable protocol was chosen for the Futbala governance token (Clash) with a 420 million supply cap, allowing user voting. Our marketplace facilitates NFT trading, and auctions, and supports wallets like Metamask and Fortmatic. The game boasts diverse features and options for users.


Futbala, a cutting-edge game, offers skill-enhancing training and rewards for matches played, including tokens and skill-improvement items. Revenue comes from Futbaler minting fees for scouting sessions, creating new players, and boosting team rosters. With a 4.9% transaction fee, below industry standard, sponsors can advertise on uniforms and within virtual stadiums. Day's earnings are divided: 60% for user rewards, 20% for Futbala Reserve, and 20% for Futbala Company.