Aug 23, 2023
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SentiPay - South Africa's First Digital Wallet

SentiPay - South Africa's First Digital Wallet

7-12 months
United States
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SentiPay is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows cryptocurrency transactions, including different wallets (crypto and fiat), so users can perform transactions with multiple currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. SentiPay Wallet enables consumers, merchants and investors to transact, store, swap, send, buy and earn cryptocurrency from a single mobile application. It holds your private key and has 100% control over your funds. - Requirements The client wanted to develop a mobile wallet and launch it in the non-crypto market of South Africa. Only now, there has been a means for users to trade cryptocurrencies in that country.


We developed a SentiPay wallet that enables credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies, converting South African Rands to preferred cryptos linked to USDT. The app offers ZARC ERC-20 token for UniSwap trading, dual consumer/merchant modes, instant mode switching, and KYC verification through a local provider to meet data regulations.


SentiPay offers Rand Cash (ZARc), a stablecoin on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, urging users to switch to low-fee cryptos like XPR, XLM, and BCH for efficient transactions. Supported cryptos include BCH, XPR, XLM, USDT Tether (SLP), and ZARc. Transactions are free, users earn 1% reward points, and merchants cover fees. SentiPay ensures $2 worth of points for covering fees, making it a faster, cheaper, and decentralized payment solution developed by BloxBytes.