Apr 27, 2023
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Vulcan Forged - Web3 Game Studio

Vulcan Forged - Web3 Game Studio

more 1 year
United States, Athens Greece
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Vulcan Forged created a platform for users to buy and sell NFTs, initially using the VeChain blockchain. They wanted to develop an NFT Marketplace, for which they also needed an admin panel to allow them to manage things within the platform. They also wanted to switch from using the VET coin (that was a native coin and initially used to buy, sell, and trade) to their token, PYR (ERC-20), on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to recent hacking incidents, giant gamers mostly trade on DEXs, so they wanted us to develop a decentralized exchange.


As a blockchain consulting and development partner, we created an NFT marketplace where users could buy and sell NFTs and create their own Vulcan Forged NFTs (using the ERC-721 network). We also created an admin panel to allow owners to verify submissions and manage listings and payments. As their biggest requirement was security we created a dedicated decentralized exchange for Vulcan Forged that would enable users to trade their tokens with another. We also developed a multi-vendor marketplace where users could create, buy, sell and collect NFTs (using the ERC-721 network).


While working with Vulcan Forged to expand their businesses, our approach was scalable and sustainable. Our solutions, which we tested and implemented after learning about all of our client’s challenges, brought benefits for our clients in the form of trust, transparency, traceability, efficiency, speed, ownership, and enhanced security. In the future, Vulcan Forged will have its own NFTs Marketplaces, Agora, Vulcan Dex, My Forge, a PYR token on ERC-20 protocol, and improved blockchain infrastructure.
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Vulcan Forged - Web3 Game Studio