Dec 09, 2022
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Bridgeway Capital Management - New Websites

Bridgeway Capital Management - New Websites

4-6 months
United States
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Bridgeway Capital Management wanted to update their website to focus more on institutional audiences and offer a separate site to access information on their mutual funds. They wanted the site to reflect the firm's principled organizational culture and disciplined investment process.


Leveraging the firm’s experience and expertise, we gave them a more modern look while emphasizing the brand’s personality. Bridgeway Capital Management combines a principled organizational culture with a disciplined investment process. Wanting to make sure these qualities were reflected in their new website, we started with an insightful discovery session to clarify Bridgeway’s audiences, brand, and story. Then, our UX, Creative, and Development teams worked closely to execute the website’s layout for optimal results.


Working closely with Bridgeway, we were able to create an updated brand look that better aligned with the modern feel they were aiming for on their new website. By updating their existing color palette and introducing modern typography, we were able to not only update the look and feel of the site, but also increase the site’s usability for Bridgeway’s audiences. A simplified user interface helped to improve content access and the overall user experience.