Nov 30, 2022
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Lean Enterprise Institute Rebuilding and Repurposing a Massive Website

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The nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) needed a complete overhaul of its 20+ year old website to better serve its members, partners and clients. LEI relied heavily on the site to manage event promotion and book sales, its primary revenue streams, but the browsing experience was outdated. And the site’s code base could not integrate with newer automated functionalities for transactions and marketing.


We re-thought the enormous site’s entire structure, realigned its functionality to reflect current user practices, and helped them launch new marketing automation, fulfillment, and accounting systems. Our review of LEI’s situation and vision for a different future led us to set three key goals for the website: 1. Completely update the user experience, especially the capability to search for LEI events, books and the library of 2000+ articles written by some of the foremost Lean thinkers. 2. Fully support LEI transition from in-person interaction model to remote education, seminars and conferences in response to Covid 19. 3. Streamline management of the site and its complex functions for the LEI staff tasked with administration.


The new website stands apart for its sheer size and scope of capabilities. LEI has seen remarkable improvements and time savings in internal workflow, a much-improved image in the eyes of users, far more intuitive functionality, and huge improvements in all SEO scores and rankings. +4,500 Pages Migrated +35% Site Performance
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