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Jul 12, 2023
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Challenge iTrust is a one-of-a-kind product. It brings together doctors and technological solutions to create an exceptional, hassle-free experience for the patient. The product version 1.0 became the customer’s first choice in the past few years. The challenge for us was to figure out pain points and scale the product to meet customer expectations. The goal is to minimize the gap between customer expectations and product features. The doctors wanted a feature of a support system to raise their queries which were improved in version 2.0. The app became slow due to large organizations filling their data in the system and it was a pain for doctors to generate or download reports. To check the History Of Patient Illness it works perfectly.


Hence overcoming our challenges, we launched the product to version 2.0 which met more customer expectations. It has 17+ modules, and hundreds of useful features to manage the day-to-day clinic medical practices. The patient data is stored in the cloud database with high-end security. The app adheres to HIPAA compliance and data privacy and usage compliances. The application provides an intuitive experience for doctors, staff, and patient engagement. Our experienced UI/UX team began with designing a scalable design system to help the product scale without getting inconsistencies and reached to deliver a product to be used by large to small clinics.


Claim form Submission: iTrust stands differently from other EHR software. Trizetto is the service used to process Medical insurance claims. These claims can be sent manually or automatically in iTrust. iTrust Pay : For patient payments to clinics, we have a square in place. to help small to large organizations receive in-app payments and keep records. Customers can pay online using iTrust Pay or offline using cards, cash, or any other mode of payment. Web Hosting: To ensure data security and adherence to compliances we have chosen AWS services for website hosting.
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