Apr 01, 2024
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As per the initial challenge, the client was looking for an experienced RoR development house who they can rely on and can take the charge of the project, solve the blockers, provide guidance, provide technical approach on the scalability and on important pending features which was yet to be released on priority.
The client had a list of important features which needed to be discussed, planned and released for their different types of users so that processes can be fully automated and users can have the best user experience over the website.


We refined existing features, ensuring optimal user experience. Feature planning involved breaking down features for agile releases. Resolved issues with newsletter preferences and introduced RAW WINE Week for easy event management. Custom features include homepage and fair image management, streamlined product adding, and improved Klaviyo integration. Overall, we prioritized enhancing the website's UI for a seamless user experience.


Our dedicated efforts have revitalized the user experience on our platform. Through meticulous maintenance, we refined existing features, resolved behavioral issues, and optimized the overall flow. Our adoption of agile methodologies facilitated strategic feature planning and releases. A standout achievement is the introduction of RAW WINE Week, empowering administrators to create events directly from the Admin panel. This feature not only simplifies event organization but also serves as a powerful marketing tool for users. Custom features, including homepage and fair image management, streamlined product adding, and Klaviyo optimization, have collectively elevated the website's UI, ensuring a significantly improved and enriched user experience.
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