Nov 23, 2023
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DLM Music Catalogs

DLM Music Catalogs

7-12 months
Poland, Warsaq
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After the first discovery call we knew the budget. Nevertheless scope was still far from defined. Client has a well-prepared feature lists but it was hard to start this kind of big project without splitting it into smaller parts. Some of the questions raised during the first workshop: 1. Can we estimate such a big project based on files provided by the client? 2. Is the known budget enough to cover expenses for the first three months? 3. How fast we can set up the team? 4. Where to start with these big topics in the scope? 5. How to design a system to provide value for end-users? These and many more questions headed us to the next step.


Project was divided into smaller components, such us: - UI/UX Design - Frontend Layer - Backend API - Mobile App The client provided us with UI/UX designs. It was enough to start the project. A few months later, it turned out that it was a mistake. UI/UX designs covered only 1/2 functionalities. The second issue was that the UI/UX designer didn't cooperate with developers to validate if everything he designed was designed in a doable way.


Big projects come from big ideas. We loved to work with this project from the first day. The project was a real challenge for us. The value provided for client's end-users - with high-quality content - was also essential. After many months of development the project is live. End-users can buy licenses, browse catalogues and subscribe to monthly/yearly plans.