Apr 03, 2023
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4-6 months
United States, New York
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Software Development
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In order to create a connected product, we had to solve a number of challenges: managing a large database of millions of devices, which failed to use existing databases. Server-side code was written in a monolithic architecture, so it was hard to manage everything in a single place. Devices were communicating with one channel. No automated process for deployment and so on.


Used the combination of multiple databases and replicas to manage a large database Divided the existing monolithic application into micro-service architecture. Created a 2-way data solution using UDP protocol. Created a Jenkins + AWS ECS automated process to deploy each service for different environments.


Smart Alerts Receive alerts by text, email, and app notifications for emergency events, safety zone breaches, speed thresholds, and sudden movement. Worldwide Coverage Trackimo devices can be tracked via the web or smartphone app anywhere GSM cellular reception exists. Real-Time Tracking GPS and GSM connections provide instant, highly accurate current location, and history