Oct 27, 2022
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Enhancing Referral Management for a Global Accounting and Advisory Business Network

Enhancing Referral Management for a Global Accounting and Advisory Business Network

7-12 months
United Kingdom
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In a global business network like HLB, member companies actively recommend each other to their end customers. If a customer hires a member company through such a reference, both the company that brought the lead and the global office benefit from it. Such a referral system helps member companies grow the client network, and HLB benefits from it by gaining international clients that need services in multiple countries.


Brimit delivered a system based on Microsoft Office 365 that simplifies sending, receiving, and tracking referrals across a business network. The solution is integrated into HLB’s intranet and catalogue of companies.- It is now possible to create referrals right from the network catalogue.- The solution features a dashboard that provides a unified view of sent and received referrals.- Any member company can send a referral to a fellow partner in the HLB network, specifying the client details or any other important information about a sales lead. - It is now possible to track and manage the status of referrals.- The solution helps to manage, verify, and approve invoices.- The system allows for generating reports and gaining insights on the revenue brought in by referrals.


In partnership with Brimit, HLB developed a system that simplifies and automates referral management. Now, member companies can create, send, and track referrals in a unified dashboard in a matter of minutes. The system provides a transparent view on invoicing and features report generation across the referral ecosystem.