Oct 27, 2022
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Optimizing Business Processes for a Global Shipment Company

Optimizing Business Processes for a Global Shipment Company

4-6 months
United Arab Emirates
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The problem: Inefficient workflowsWith 185 offices across the globe, the customer was experiencing miscommunication issues through the lack of a unified, yet distributed channel of collaboration. The primary means of communication between the headquarters and regional offices was by e-mail. However, this model promoted inefficiency and confusion across regular workflows. For instance, distribution of major announcements and notifications was impaired due to an inability to separate them on a global and regional scale, prevent employees from replying to no-reply messages or multiplying e-mail threads, etc.


Using SharePoint as the core technology, the team at Brimit delivered a web portal that serves as a single channel of communication for 185 global offices and encourages distributed collaboration across regions.The system our engineers developed features a public workspace that provides up-to-date announcements and notifications for all the regional offices and departments throughout the organization. Meanwhile, the developers at Brimit decoupled the system into 21 collaborative environments—according to the number of departments in the company—to distribute and secure operations within each particular department.


With the help of the experts at Brimit, UASC established a single, regionally distributed channel of collaboration across 185 global offices. With improved business processes, the company gained control of documentation flows and achieved efficient communication across 21 departments. Finally, the organization moved 5 TB of data from a third-party file system into secure SharePoint-based storage that promoted role-based maintenance over documentation.