Oct 27, 2022
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Picturepark Integrates Digital Asset Management into Microsoft Teams

Picturepark Integrates Digital Asset Management into Microsoft Teams

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Picturepark’s main offering is a DAM platform designed to automate content creation. The product enables corporate teams to store digital assets—pictures, documents, video/audio, etc.—in an organized manner, search through Picturepark’s vast collection of files, and share them with just a few clicks.


Recognizing the platform’s convenience, multiple companies onboard the tool to facilitate internal workflows for content creation teams. Many of them rely on products from the Microsoft 365 ecosystem in their daily routine. To enhance the versatility of their platform, Picturepark collaborated with Brimit to deliver a connector that integrates the DAM platform into SharePoint, ensuring a one-tab experience without the need to switch between the systems.


Partnering with Brimit, Picturepark integrated its flagship digital asset management system with Microsoft Teams, simplifying collaboration on content for 150 million daily users. Now, Microsoft Teams users have direct access to contextualized content provided by Picturepark’s search engine, employing adaptive metadata management, semantic relationships, and business rule automation.