Jul 11, 2022
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Everypig - Swine Management Software

Everypig - Swine Management Software

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The deep dive into the problem showed that veterinarians couldn't react on time without receiving the actual pigs' health data. The information based on paper barn sheets and check-ups went too late to the office. More often, caregivers sent the summary reports at the end of the week, mentioning the sickness and mortality statistics. Chris was looking for any helpful tool to organize the communication, helping them to track the health issues and receive responses on time. But he wondered to know that there wasn't any relevant software for that moment.


The absence of the desired platform on the market encouraged Chris to build a custom software solution. The main priority of Chris was to digitize the recording process of the data, used by various stakeholders. He acknowledged that the user flow should be as simple as possible, not requiring lots of technical skills.


Created specifically for the pork production industry, EveryPig is used by more than 1,550 producers and veterinarians in the United States, Canada, and Brazil. The web app is currently available in seven languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and French. Production and veterinarian teams across the globe that need to enable their remote-work capabilities can request a complimentary demo of EveryPig’s platform.