Dec 15, 2021
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Car Watcher - Automated License Plate Recognition

more 1 year
Israel, Haifa
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- Homeowners, schools, and other institutions often have security issues, and analyzing cars and traffic manually can take a huge amount of time. - Intruders are often allowed into campuses without proper access control. - Parking and business owners want to derive insights, busy hours, and support contactless payments.


- Car Watcher provides ALPR, allowlists/denylists, instant notifications via email/Telegram/WhatsApp, and car model/color detection - Optimized for Windows and Intel CPUs using OpenVINO: process up to 15 cameras on CPU inference - ALPR works in different lighting and weather conditions


- Exceptionally fast CPU inference: processing an image takes less than 7 ms. - Native software for Windows, hand-made optimizations made to make sure the inference runs as fast as possible. - Built and regularly updated by a team of experienced Computer Vision engineers and researchers from BroutonLab. - Data never leaves your PC, allowing companies to stay privacy-compliant and avoid sending any type of information outside their local network.