Jul 12, 2022
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Social Community

7-12 months
United States
Service categories
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Artificial Intelligence
IT Services
Mobile Development
QA and Testing
Domain focus


The client needed to source a better way of engaging and interacting with their customer and enabling self-service capabilities. To implement a central repository for staff to access customer inquiries. To replatform the legacy knowledge management system and transition to Salesforce to utilize new technology, and retire older, obsolete products.


We proposed a solution that not only enabled self service, but also leveraged their existing Salesforce Service Cloud investment. Utilised declarative programming as much as possible to provide succinctness and improve readability and usability. Lightning components were used where possible to enhance the user interface


Created a streamlined service and reduced costs. Engaged a larger audience segment through self-serve options. Uplifted staff efficiency by providing a 360 degree view of the customers. Provided an engaging customer interface platform which enhanced usage frequencies and experience.