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May 26, 2021
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4-6 months
Tanzania, Dodoma
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While developing an application of video streaming the biggest issue we were facing was the large size video upload in server without session timeout. And after uploading the video, while rendering it should render properly without too much buffer was also a hard one to deal with. Our Client wanted the functionality of video play with resume path, that is where the user lastly pause the video while watching and when the user again starts the same video it should start with where it was paused lastly. Another issue was to allow users to watch the videos, movies, series on the large screen as well.


Low bandwidth Video Solution : MPTV app can work even at low bandwidth speeds. It is not necessary that everyone has wifi or access to high-speed internet. To allow our users to watch videos on MPTV at any speed, we have made our app compatible to low bandwidth speeds. Providing wide range of local content: International series and movies are cool, but nothing can beat classic local movies and series. And therefore, MPTV daily updates their local content and adds new movies and series in Swahili that are produced locally.


The app has become a highly successful app in Tanzania and is one of the best Swahili video streaming apps. The app has thousands of hours of content that consists of local and international series and movies. The app has thousands of downloads outside Tanzania. Overall the app has got 100,000 plus downloads.
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