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Apr 05, 2021
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Arunachal Film Festival

Arunachal Film Festival

2-3 months
India, Arunachal Pradesh
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This was one of the most important projects of Carina Softlabs Inc. The website is all about managing the Film Festival at Virtual Platform. We have to manage everything the audiences, the performers, and also the event managers. So the biggest challenge in this was delivering the project in just 40 days. But with the help of our team, we did it and delivered it on time. The most challenging part in development as we had to maintain the speed between the switches like we need to manage around 200 windows at a time with a proper sequence. For example who is going to narrate first, who is going to handle the hosting and everything so we have to make them register in the proper sequence while the event was going on, and also the event was live on other Social Media channels.


For maintaining the proper sequence and flow of a function or developers were working day and night and at the time when the event was live. Our developers and managers prepared a proper sequence algorithm. By this algorithm validations, the user was able to register in a sequence and we could maintain the proper flow of events.


In this the hard work really pays off!! We got 10K visitors on website everyday with some minor marketing strategies in just 3 Days. The event was very successful the client was very happy even this project was for Resp. CM of Arunachal Pradesh, his words of appreciation made us feel relaxed and happy.