CCS Technologies (P) Ltd.
May 06, 2021
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AdConnect - Online Platform to Digitize Interactions between Publishers and Advertising Agencies ​

4-6 months
India, Kottayam
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The advertising ecosystem comprises three main entities – the publisher, the advertiser, and the advertising agency. Despite large-scale digitization, some interactions between these entities continued to remain manual, particularly concerning the exchange of billing data and evidence of an advertisement being published (known as voucher copy). The hard copy exchange of bills and copies caused several manual errors and delays, thus leading to inefficiencies and cost overruns.


CCS designed and developed a platform for the client that is highly scalable and extensible. The platform has built-in intelligence to provide role-based access to different actors within an advertising agency. It enables them to carry out transactions such as search, view, and download bills, make partial or full payment (online) against one or multiple bills, and more. The application also seamlessly integrates with the publisher’s backend ERP system and can integrate with other external systems such as Active Directory of both publishers and agencies. ​


1. Turnaround time reduced by 45%. ​ 2. Cost savings of up to 30% for both publishers and advertising agencies ​ 3. 24*7 access to the platform, instant generation of softcopies of published ad upon finance approval of bills, allowing agencies to view/download immediately ​ 4. Highly scalable and extensible - Platform has the ability to onboard multiple publishers and agencies and can be made available either as an on-premise or SAAS model ​ 5. Built using state-of-the-art technology stack, thus futureproofing it from technology advancements
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