Oct 17, 2023
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Board Game App Development Based on Greek Mythology

2-3 months
United Kingdom
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Our client, hailing from the UK, is a passionate enthusiast of board games. Driven by the desire to create something truly exceptional, he conceived the idea of developing his own board game, one that would stand out from the rest. This led to a brilliant realization: transforming his board game into a captivating video game app. Upon completing the prototype for the physical board game, the client approached Celadon with a request for video game development and programming. We found this concept not only captivating but also aligned with our passion for video game development. Naturally, we enthusiastically embraced the opportunity.


Throughout the entire video game development process, we maintained consistent and open communication with the client. At the culmination of each sprint, we conducted 'build' demonstrations to ensure that the game aligned precisely with the client's expectations. This iterative approach allowed us to implement all elements in a manner that faithfully reflected the client's vision. Furthermore, we leveraged our collective knowledge, experience, and expertise to identify optimal solutions for implementing the game's logic and mechanics. This collaborative effort resulted in the development of unique logic for each monster and the intricate interplay between different roles within the game.


The development of the Greek mythology mobile game has reached its culmination with the release of the alpha version. The game impeccably aligns with the client's original vision and expectations. As the next step, we have launched the game on Kickstarter, seeking funding to support its further development.