Oct 17, 2023
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Character Sheet App With IoT Integration

4-6 months
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The client asked us to create a character sheet app with IoT integration to enhance the gaming experience for players. A key requirement was the ability for players to input specific parameters, like strength and endurance, into a formula. The app would then use hidden algorithms to calculate specific values based on these inputs.


After careful deliberation, we opted for a solution to develop a character sheet app paired with an IoT device. While we are currently finalizing the details, we are confident that this combination will revolutionize the traditional role-playing board game experience. Another key aspect of our solution is the character sheet feature. This app enables the creation of custom rulesets organized as folders containing character sheets for specific games. These character sheets serve as templates, allowing users to customize them by specifying titles, character names, ages, adding pictures, and more.


The formula feature serves as the foundation for our journey in creating a character sheet app with IoT dice. It streamlines intricate calculations and data handling, freeing up players to concentrate on game strategy and decision-making. This automation not only saves time and effort but also enhances the overall gaming experience.