Oct 17, 2023
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Jewelry Marketplace

Jewelry Marketplace

4-6 months
United Arab Emirates
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Retail and Restaurants


When the customer envisioned creating an e-commerce community fueled by a passion for jewelry, the idea of consolidating small businesses into one mobile app quickly materialized. Recognizing the need for a technical partner who could not only grasp his vision but also infuse it with entrepreneurial vigor, the customer selected Celadon as the bespoke web app development team. His aspiration was to establish a premier jewelry marketplace, offering superior designs, efficiency, and, most importantly, state-of-the-art filters, ensuring that all jewelry enthusiasts could discover pieces to their liking and even entrepreneurs could profit from their shared passion for gemstones.


Our mission was to create a comprehensive mobile app marketplace that would cater to the customer, buyers, and vendors. Throughout the development process, we considered all three perspectives, resulting in a user-friendly marketplace complemented by a feature-rich admin panel. The platform offers robust reporting capabilities, including profit analysis, revenue tracking, order volume, conversion rates, and page views. Vendors also have access to advanced analytics in the web version of the app. To enable financial transactions, we introduced a virtual currency system due to regional market limitations that require cash payments for jewelry in the Emirates. Vendors preload their virtual wallets with real currency to cover commissions on sold items.


Today, it stands as a fully-fledged eCommerce app serving the UAE, offering interfaces in both Arabic and English. Specializing in jewelry, it operates as a thriving marketplace accessible through mobile iOS and Android versions, complemented by a web-based admin panel catering to vendors and sellers.